《Confident but NOT Narcissistic》- Intro


在陳述任何內容之前,我必須聲明這是我探索自己的內心的旅程。 生活會不斷變化,對嗎?

未完待續 …

《Confident but NOT Narcissistic》- Intro from 何書伶 on Vimeo.

I am not a optimistic person, but I have never forgotten how beautiful of my smile.

Before stating anything, I must state that these are my journeys to explore my heart. And life will change constantly, right?

Because of the growing environment, I have always been a very low self-esteem person, and there have always been a lot of hardships at home or outside.
Fear of making mistakes, fear of not doing well enough, and being afraid of too many things … beyond the load of my age.
Therefore, after I realized that “being a confident person” and “how to build self-confidence” has being adulthood long time.
To be continued …