《Something about individual》
The environment in which I grew up make me a sense lonely since I was a child, but I just know I’m not alone.
I am not a dancer, not a writer, not a painter, not a director or even a photographer.
As a human being, to experience the ups and downs of life and then to cultivate into a kind person.
My artworks comes from my own life experience and understanding.
It can be said that they are my diary and emotional export.

In most works, I am my own photographer and the model.
Since 2008 I created my Self-Portraits at my rental room alone.
Include setting everything without partner.
And in extending my emotions layer by layer, I finally have a sense of security.
They are so closely connected with me.

《How do I think about my body art?》
From the perspective of the law of conservation of mass and energy, loss and gain are essentially the same.
I use my body as a neutral material in my work, it can represent any story or object feeling I want to tell.
It depends on the current state, and everything is constantly changing and will eventually return to its natural way. ”
And every detail explains in detail the meaning and necessity of independent existence.

6th Zebra Awards

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2020 Performance art show《蛻》at U-THEATRE
2020 Performance art show《Material》at Home Barr
2020 Solo Exhibition《Reflection》at The oasis tavern
2018 The 6th Zebra Awards – Non-Professional – Nudes
2014 The 3nd Taiwan International Salon of Photography
2012 The 2nd Taiwan International Salon of Photography
2011 The 29th Taoyuan Fine Arts Exhibition of 2011
2010 ART Taipei 2010 – Lee Gallery Young Art project One
2010 Pingtung Fine Arts Exhibition of 2010
2009 The 14th Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition of 2009
2009 Dogpig Art Cafe Pure Plan(2)
2009 Kaohsiung Awards of 2009–Honorable mention of Photography
2008 Kaohsiung Art Exhibition of 2008

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