Dear, Thank You Feel Me Here*

Suelynee is me, My name is Suelynee Ho(何書伶).
Suelynee comes from south of Taiwan, and she’s a flexitarian.
She is a website Designer, Photographer, Surrealist painter…
Or you want to call her an Artist.Okay, let’s talk about her art or what’s in my mind.I love the natural made, the pure things and the original thought.
I love any kinds of arts. Especially dancing, drawing and sculpture.
Art is everything, art is everywhere follow my heart.

How do I think about my body art?
Exclusion of gender representation, I believe my body is the neutral material that could mean everything! Completely pure, No cumbersome objects.
Each detail the significance and necessity of the existence of itself.
Imbalance in the moment seems to be anxious. But in the end everything will be returned to its natural way.

I am the photographer and also the model in these photos without partner working together.
Yes, including setting everything.
I love what I love through my mind. All of the ability to visualize and imagine.