2022 高美館 虎來跳舞/ 舞者
2021 i-Dance即興流水席 個人舞蹈創作 《繞》
2020 新竹邸家 / 《紅色的夢之我愛你》個展+行為藝術創作
2020 優人神鼓《域》老泉山現地創作計畫 /《蛻》行為藝術創作
2020 台北Home Barr /《Material》行為藝術創作
2020 台北綠洲酒館 /《Reflection》個展+行為藝術創作
2012 大東文化藝術中心《萌‧Young》創作聯展
2010 台北國際藝術博覽會 / 黎畫廊壹計畫聯展
2009 豆皮藝文咖啡館 – 井底計劃(二) / 實驗創作個展

2021 高雄駁二特區 漾藝術聯展 《光的提問》
2018 The 6th Zebra Awards《禁箇》藝術個人組 / 金牌獎
2014 第三屆台灣國際攝影沙龍 – 愛 – 藝術類 / 入選
2012 第二屆台灣國際攝影沙龍 – 禁箇 – 藝術類 / 入選
2011 桃源美展 – 逃離‧失衡 – 攝影類 / 佳作
2010 屏東美展 – 初生 – 攝影類 / 優選
2009 大墩美展 – 原來? – 攝影類 / 入選
2009 高雄美展 – 雨‧舞 – 攝影類 / 入選
2008 高雄獎 – 無向 – 攝影類 / 優選
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6th Zebra Awards Annual Book

《Something about individual》
The environment in which I grew up make me a sense lonely since I was a child, but I just know I’m not alone.
As a human being, to experience the ups and downs of life and then to cultivate into a kind person.
My artworks comes from my own life experience and understanding.
It can be said that they are my diary and emotional export.

In most works, I am my own photographer and the model.
Since 2008 I created my Self-Portraits at my rental room alone.
Include setting everything without partner.
And in extending my emotions layer by layer, I finally have a sense of security.
They are so closely connected with me.

《How do I think about my body art?》
From the perspective of the law of conservation of mass and energy, loss and gain are essentially the same.
I use my body as a neutral material in my work, it can represent any story or object feeling I want to tell.
It depends on the current state, and everything is constantly changing and will eventually return to its natural way. ”
And every detail explains in detail the meaning and necessity of independent existence.

6th Zebra Awards

2022 Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts  Performance / Dancer
2021 Young Art group exhibition 《 Question for the light》
2021 i-Dance Solo Dance 《Round》
2020 《Red Dream》 Solo Exhibition and Performance,  De-Jia, Hsinchu, Taiwan
2020《Molt》 Performance,  U-THEATRE, New Taipei City, Taiwan
2020 《Material》 Solo Performance, Home Barr, Taipei, Taiwan
2020 《Reflection》 Solo Exhibition, The Oasis Tavern, Taipei, Taiwan
2018  《Forbidden》 The 6th Zebra Awards – Non-Professional – Nudes / First Place Award
2014  《Love」 The 3rd Taiwan International Salon of Photography – Photography  / Merit Award
2012 《Womb Series》 Da-dong Arts Center 《Sprout ‧ Young》 Group Exhibition
2012 《Forbidden》 The 2nd Taiwan International Salon of Photography – Photography / Judges’ Award
2011  《Lost Balance》 The 29th Taoyuan Fine Arts Exhibition of 2011 – Photography  / Merit Award
2010   ART Taipei 2010 – Lee Gallery Young Art project One
2010 《Newborn》 Pingtung Fine Arts Exhibition of 2010 – Photography / Merit Award
2009 《Womb Series》 The 14th Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition of 2009 – Photography / Honorable Mention
2009  Dog-pig Art Caffa Pure Plan(2)
2009 《Dance in Rainy》 Kaohsiung Awards of 2009 – Photography / Judges’ Award
2008 《Non-Directional》 Kaohsiung Art Exhibition of 2008 – Photography / Merit Award